Equil Smartpen

The seamless way to digitize your thoughts.

Work creatively and naturally

  Do you love working with pen and paper, but also embrace all the benefits of the digital world?   Why not have both? Equil Smartpen captures handwritten notes, sketches, and diagrams and transfers them to your Android, iOS, Mac and Windows devices and the Cloud. We provide complimentary apps – Equil Note and Equil Sketch – to  make all your content accessible and editable anytime, anywhere. Equil Smartpen – the seamless way to digitize your thoughts.

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Note App

Keep it in the cloud. Effortlessly organize and edit all of your notes from any iOS/Android/OSX device.

Sketch App

Create editable, layered compositions that easily export to PSD and PDF format.



iOS: Download from iTunes App store  
Android: Download from Google Play Store  
OS X: Download from the App store
Windows: Download from Support


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Editing Anywhere

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Notes & Photos

Digitally highlight and annotate your work in a range of colors to add emphasis.

Color Highlights

Import images from your camera or library for use in Equil apps to illustrate and improve your work.

Edit on Device

Protect your original documents by editing the digital copy directly on any device.


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Share and Collaborate

Equil works on all devices, and it frees you from your notebook. Take notes or make sketches on any paper surface and quickly and easily push them to the cloud.

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Custom Gestures

Choose from an array of customizable gestures to make your Equil even better!

  • Mobilize Your Written Notes With the Equil Smartpen Full review

  • Instant gratification for sketching and note taking that shows up right on your iphone/ipad. Full review

Swappable Cases

Personalize your Equil case with different materials and colors. Coming Soon!

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